Lirion is a robust and stable solution, this has been proven by hundreds of its implementations around the world. Lirion is based on open standards, therefore it does not limit a company to a certain software provider.

It has a powerful tool to customize reports with which you can see reports, charts and graphs for decision making. You can choose between predefined reports or reports tailored to your needs.

Lirion ERP provides solutions for companies like yours:

  • Cost reduction, improving the quality and efficiency of all operations.
  • Provides better visibility of transactions across all levels of the organization.
  • Helps make better business decisions.
  • Deliver the right product at the right time, with better operability.
  • Total control of every detail and stage of all operations.

Spreadsheet Module

With the Lirion spreadsheet, access all the personal information of your collaborator, historical records of job changes, salaries; as well as the preparation of reports associated with payroll concepts.


You will be able to plan, coordinate, execute activities of personnel administration, training and education, safety and occupational health, based on the policies, guidelines and legal and company regulations.


Manage your entire sales cycle, information and sales management. Sales data, issued items, sale prices.
Standard sale created through an order, make a direct sale or point of sale.

Shopping Module

Automatically and reliably manage your purchasing cycle, handling requisitions, purchase orders and supplier management.


Plan, organize and control your financial resources, determining your asset structure and your capital structure.


Control the entries, exits and movements of material in the inventory.


Register bank accounts and boxes, control your bank movements and your bank reconciliation.


School communication system where Teachers, Students and Parents can consult information, as well as follow in detail the student’s academic performance.