Lirion is the name of our software, which is divided into two branches:

using iDempiere as a base, but highly customized for different functions.

Lirion Education

School communication system where Teachers, Students and Parents can consult information about the school, grades, notices, calendar of events, reports, assignments, as well as follow the student’s academic performance in detail.

Lirion ERP

It is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) customized by our programmers, “localized” for the Republic of Panama, under the regulations of the Nation. Lirion ERP is free, this means that you do not pay for software licenses, only for implementation.

Lirion ERP has everything your company needs:

Administration, accounting, point of sale, payroll under CSS standards, electronic invoice for DGI, inventory, CRM, project management, dashboard and statistics, all in the cloud.

Lirion Educativo