Total integration in a single system.

iDempiere ERP CRM & SCM is a business tool that allows you to integrate and automate the key processes of your company.

iDempiere has positioned itself internationally as the alternative tool for small, medium and large companies, compared to traditional proprietary systems with high licensing costs and local developments that do not meet the needs of globalized markets.

iDempiere can incorporate business-specific changes and preserve them for future releases. Its philosophy allows making “hot” changes (being already in production) such as: the business model, the information structure, the chart of accounts, the type of currency, legal or tax regulations, among others, without affecting the operation.

The iDempiere community and its local representatives ensure the evolution of the system over time, its growth and control, thus corroborating its commitment to the open source model, so that its source code can be obtained, redistributed and modified. The community’s contribution is reflected in the commitment to strengthening the tool, the search for continuity over time and the selection of partners based on success stories.

What makes iDempiere special is its ability to adapt to any business model and established standards, thus increasing productivity, reducing integration errors and addressing the diverse needs of a company in a single tool.

iDempiere’s core is divided into twelve large groups: System Administration, Application Dictionary, Relationship with Third Parties, Sales, Purchases, Returns, Outstanding Balances, Materials Management, Project Management, Performance Analysis, Assets, Manufacturing.


Go global

Multi tenant, multi-organizations, multi-currency in one instance. Everything you need for your company.


Tier 2 ERP, SCM, CRM

Everything and more without licensing burden. Freely enroll everybody: your vendor, your employee, your customer

No vendor lock-in

Openness is the key value of iDempiere. You will never experience the bitterness of vendor lock-ins.

Cloud Friendly

Use iDempiere on-premise, on AWS, Azure or elsewhere. Your choice!


Multiple application servers and load balancing. The system grows with your company.

Proven to work

Code that has been revolutionizing businesses around the world for 20 years.

Community-driven project

Professionals from different fields and countries make iDempiere better every day

State-of-the-art technology

Right at the heart of iDempiere. Java, PostgreSQL, Oracle, ZK, Maven, REST, Jetty


With iDempiere’s ability to create easy plugins, you can customize on the fly.

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